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The Causes of Noise Produced by Rotary Vibrating Screen
1.The transportation connecting bolts are not removed
2.The clamp bolts are not tightened
3.Vibrating screen collides with other equipment
4.Other fasteners are loose
Analysis of Four Reasons Why The Sealing Ring of Rotary Vibrating Screen Is Often Broken
1.The quality of the sealing ring: if the sealing ring is equipped with the original factory, it will be the silicone sealing ring provided by the regular supplier, but the accessories will need to be replaced after a long time. If the quality of the sealing ring purchased by the user is not good enough, it will break problem;
2.The diameter of the sealing ring of the rotary vibrating screen is not matched: the diameter of the sealing ring should be consistent with the diameter of the screen frame. So when purchasing related accessories, please choose the one you want to match to solve this problem.
3.Grinding problem of the upper and lower screen frames of the rotary vibrating screen: The location of the screen seal ring is between the upper and lower screen frames. For example, the contact part of the screen frame and the seal ring is not smoothly polished with burrs and other problems.
Tips for Improving The Screening Efficiency of Vibrating Screens
1.Improve the opening rate of the sieve plate. A high opening rate is beneficial to improve the screening effect; usually, the high opening rate of the stainless steel welded sieve plate can be paid attention to.
2.Adjust the feeding method, the feeding must be along the full screen width, and the screen surface must be fully utilized;
3.To reduce the porosity of the sieve batter, consider using a self-cleaning sieve plate, such as a spring rod type sieve surface or an anti-clogging device under the sieve.
4.If possible, consider adjusting the inclination angle of the sieve machine. A proper inclination angle is conducive to reducing the thickness of the material and realizing the screening of thin layers.
5.If conditions permit, wet sieving is an effective means to improve the sieving effect.
6. For the circular vibrating screen, the method of adjusting the counterweight can be considered to improve the screening effect;
7. For dry sieving, the incoming material moisture must be strictly controlled. When the moisture is high, ingredient sieving can be considered.
8. If possible, add a fixed screen at the feed end for coarse screening.
Precautions for Linear Vibrating Screen
1. Before running the linear screen, the channel steel of the bottom frame should be fixed on the foundation, the base should be fixed firmly, so that the height difference of the front and rear support seats on the same side is the same, and the supports on both sides of the same end (feeding end or discharging end) The seat plate is in the same horizontal plane, and the error is within 2mm, that is, the linear screen is in a horizontal state.
2. Keep the screen flat and tight to achieve normal screening.
3. The connection of each part of the linear screen machine must be firm and reliable, all bolts must not be loose, and each part must not have abnormal noise. The gap between the vibrational part of the screen machine and the surrounding fixed objects is 30-50mm. Check the frame of the machine. Whether the tie ring screws are tight.
4. During the transportation of the vibrating screen, in order to increase its rigidity, transportation support will be added. Please remove the transportation support before you start it, otherwise it will affect the vibrating work of the vibrating screen and cause serious damage to the machine.
5. The vibrating screen is generally three-phase electricity, and the power supply must be connected correctly, and it is strictly forbidden to run without phase.
6. Observe the material trajectory after the first startup, and adjust the running trajectory to the state you need according to the sieved material.
How To Do If The Vibrating Screen Cannot Start Normally
1. Check the power supply, the vibrating screen requires 380V three-phase power, please ensure that it meets the requirements;
2. Check the power supply voltage of the vibrating screen. If the voltage is insufficient, it can be solved by changing the power supply;
3. Check whether the material on the screen surface of the vibrating screen is accumulated, too much material on the screen surface will cause the vibrating screen to be unable to start;
4. Check whether the vibration motor can work normally, if it is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time;
5. Check whether the vibrator can work normally, if it is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time;
6. Check whether the grease in the vibrator becomes thick and agglomerated. If it becomes thick and agglomerated, clean the vibrator in time and add suitable grease.
How Many Levels Can The Coffee Bean Sorting Machine Sieve?
Coffee bean sorting machine is generally used to screen coffee beans, coffee cherries size grade equipment, before further processing of coffee beans, according to the size of different categories, so that it is convenient for further commercial packaging and processing. So, coffee beans come in various sizes, how many levels can the coffee bean sorting machine screen?
The coffee bean sieving machine generally uses a linear sieve to screen, because the coffee beans are regular in shape and easy to sieve. The linear sieve can be made of stainless steel or carbon steel, which also fully meets the requirements of food grade. The sieving grade of the coffee bean sorter can be determined according to user requirements. Two, three, and four levels are possible. Generally, no more than five layers, that is, six levels, because there are too many layers, the screening effect will be easily affected. .
The coffee bean sorting machine has a good screening effect between two to five grades, which can meet the needs of most coffee bean screening customers.
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