Our Outdoor Traning On Tianjie Mountain

The winter is coming, but our body and our heart were warm. For improving the cooperation and communication ability of our company, we took part in the outdoor expanding training on Tianjie mountain two days ago. 
This activity that mainly including all kinds of team games lasted only two days, but every one learned more from this training. At that process, we participated in every game, made mistakes and got enlightenment. The coach arranged many games to test our leadership, communication and cooperation. But somebody showed their selfish, somebody showed their cowardice. At last, the coach told us we should overcomed ourselves even though everyone was a single person. However, if we want to get what we want, we have to communicate and operate positively. From this training, everyone in our company learned more, and we would pay more attention to do our own duties and to cater to customers' needs and requirements.

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