New Opportunity

With the sound of drums and bells, Xinxiang Dayong vibration equipment Co., Ltd. in the Central Plains equity trading center ,the new four officially listed success, business code: 201145.
This listing not only represents that Dayong Vibration Equipment is widely recognized by the public, but also that all our efforts can be realized in different ways.Joining the capital financial market is the only way for our enterprises to develop to a higher level, which is the inevitable result of our development to the present.
We will also seize this opportunity to respond to the call of the Country, give full play to the spirit of innovation, and make our vibrating screen equipment best and strongest in the market.

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Tianjie Mountain
Our Outdoor Traning On Tianjie Mountain
The winter is coming, but our body and our heart were warm. For improving the cooperation and communication ability of our company, we took part in the outdoor expanding training on Tianjie mountain two days ago. 
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company news
Da Yong Company Team Expansion Training
The team spirit of every employee in Dayong Company represents the company's image, and the spirit of every employee determines the production quality of every vibrating screen, screw conveyor, and elevator in the company's production process. On May 5th, we conducted team expansion training in Fenghuang Ancient Village
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Chinese Cellulose Industries Association
The Meeting of Chinese Cellulose Industries Association
From 2nd to 4th, December, The Meeting of Chinese Cellulose Industries Association was held in Xi'an, Shanxi province.
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